Teacher's Day Skit -Comedy (Gabbar Singh Ki Class) Part 1

This is a comedy skit which I wrote to be performed by students on Teacher’s day. The skit is extremely humorous which takes place in classroom in which different actors  (mostly from the evergreen movie Sholay),  singers (to give melodious touch to play), political leaders etc. are shown attending the class of Asrani (Angrezo ke jamaane ke jailor) and finally of Gabbar Singh. It has got message in humour and the skit finally concludes with a song dedicated to Teachers on the Tune of “Yeh Dosti Hum na Todenge” (Sholay).  

(Scene 1 )
As the curtain opens , empty classroom is seen. The first two students to enter are Jay (tall and slim ) and Veeru (short – healthy) singing the song “YEH DOSTI HUM NAHI CHODENGE , CHODENGE SAB MAGAR..” (As they enters , they stop with a jerk)
Veeru “Jay , class mein to koi nahi hai”       (Jay , there is no one in the class )
Jay : (in poetic mood) “Bus main aur meri Tanhai ..aksar akele mein baate karte hain..” (Just me and my loneliness, often we talk to each other)
Veeru :(unable to understand the poetry thinks that Jay needs counselor) “Too fir Doctor ke paas kyun nahi jata ”  (Then why don’t you visit a Doctor )

Jay : 
“Oh You..dont have any poetic sense”

Veeru “ Poetry chor ..We are ChhoR ! chal khaali classroom ka faida uthate hain”
(Oh! Leave poetry..we are Thieves ! Let’s take the advantage of empty classroom” )
Jay : “Mujhe bhi neend aa rahi hai , chal so jaate hain” (I too feeling sleepy. Let’s sleep)

Veeru : “Nahi.. balki main to soch raha hun cupboard se Toffiya chura ke bhag chalte hain
(No..instead I feel that we should take the Toffees from the cupboard and run away)
Jay : “Nahi , Sote hain” (No , let’s sleep)
Veeru: “Nahi , toffee lekar bhag chalte hain” (No , let’s take the toffees and run)
Jay :”Let’s Toss”
Veeru:”OK Jay, let’s Toss”
Jay : “Heads to Soyenge, Tails to Bhaag challenge” (Head we will sleep, Tails-Run away)
Veeru : “Aaj to jaroor Tail aayega” (This time definitely Tail will come)
Jay : “Head ! Let’s sleep” (Jay smiles at audience while  Veeru moves angrily to his chair) “Ye tail aata kyun nahi hai”  (Why Tail never comes?)

Both take their seat and sleeps

(3rd Char )As both goes to sleep, cracking laughter fills the air ; enters Siddhu

Siddhu : “Oye Baadshahon ! Aaram farma rahe ho Guru” ( Oye Badshaho ! Taking nap in class, Guroo  ) then he faces audience
SIDDHU :  Main kehta hoon YAARA , Nidra ek aisa nasha hai , jitna lo utna kam hai.  Isliye naa to main khud sota hun aur naa hi apni bak-bak se kisi ko sone deta hoon. ..Thoko Taali.”
(I say friends , sleep is just like a wine. More you take, more you feel like taking it. That’s why neither I sleep nor I let anybody sleep by my incredible talent of talking continuously..THOKO TAALI )
(Next Student to enter is SACHIN the World's Greatest Batsman)
SACHIN : (In sharp voice) “May I come in , sir…..May I come in sir”

SIDDHU : “Oye aa jaa beta aa ja ! Balla laya hai ? Let’s play Cricket”

(Oh come boy come ! Have you brought the bat ? Let’s play Cricket)

(both moves at the back and starts playing cricket )

(5th Character – Laloo , the renowned politician from Bihar)Laloo enters and finds Jay and Veeru sleeping on his chair (politicians are very possessive about their Chair)
LALOO : Arey ! Uthieye ,ee humari kursi hai..” (Arey, get up . This is my seat)

LALOO : Arey, YEH TO AISE SO GAYA JAISE KOI  CHAARA BECH KE SOTA HAI !    Lagta hai humari kursi gayi “

 (Oh ! they are sleeping as if someone sleeps after selling whole cattlefeed. It seems I lost my seat) And sits behind them

(6th Character - Sambha the peon, (Spy of Gabbar) enters with a camera in his hand and looks all around and seeing both sleeping takes out camera to take their snaps . But Veeru gets up and catch hold of him.
Veeru : “Too Aaj haath aya hai …aaj nahi chorunga “    (Today , i will not leave you)
JASOOS: “Chor de mujhe badmash, chor de “               (Leave me scoundrel, leave me)

(7th character : THAKUR ENTERS (Monitor of the class)
Thakur enters : “Chod do use”        (Leave him !)
Veeru : “Nahi chorunga”                  (No )

Thakur : “ Main kehta hun chor do”  (I am saying leave  him)

                   (VEERU LEAVES SAMBHA)

SAMBHA: “Ao Thakur Aao . To inhe laye ho tum Gabbar ki class mein padne ke liye

 : “Chale jao yahan se”
SAMBHA : “Jaata hun Thakur Jaata hun. Agar  Gabbar ko pata chala , ki uske students class mein sote hain to BAHUT BURA HOGA THAKUR BAHUT BURA HOGA

Thakur : “Everybody come to your Seat ! I don’t want my study suffer due to anybody”

(All sits)
(8th Character – Madamji and 9th Char- Mr. Mannu )
Madamji : “Kya mey aandar aaa saaktee  hu ”
Siddhu : “Aapki tareef mohtarma ?”
Madamji : “Main Bharat ki beti hoon , main Bharatiye naaari hun”
Siddhu : “Oye chaa gaye ! aap ka swagat hai”
(with her entered a Small man with turban- Mr. Mannu with finger on his mouth)
(10th character- Rancho enters with his smartphone)JAB LIFE HO OUT OF CONTROL ,SEETI BAJA KE BOL …
Laloo : “Bhaat happened.. ?”
Rancho : “Mera NET naa aye ,NET na aye...Naa jane kahan connection kho gaya, Naa jane kahan connection kho gaya”
Laloo : “Yeh kaun sa mareej hai?”
Siddhu : “Ye hai Internet ka mareej.. ‘Aaj ka baccha OXYGEN ke bina to rah lega par Internet ki bina nahi”

Rancho totally lost in his phone and sits .
(11th character - Reshamia)
RESHAMIA : ‘Agar sab aa gaye hain to main bhi aa jata hun. Everybody Get Up ..Lets Rock ! (and starts singing on the tune of Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay)
FACEBOOk pe log milte hain, Ghanto Chat karte hain,
Koi kaam na ye karte hain, Aur sab mujhse kehte hain..
Too bhi Dooba, hooooo
(12th character - Asrani- The Angrezo ke jamaane ke Teacher )
[Asrani Enters From Behind , Everyone sits quickly while Reshamia lost in his song]HUU HOOO HOOOO HOOO HOOO
 Asrani takes out his Stick and give him a tight blow (not in actual, of course )
   AAAaaaaaahhhh !”

Teacher's Day Skit -Comedy (Gabbar Singh Ki Class) Part 2

JAILOR :       ha ha .. Main angrezo ke jamaane ka Jailor  thaa..Lekin jab unhone desh chhoda to maine bhi jail chhod dee. Now I am English Teacher but still a jailor from heart. Ha Ha ! EVERY BODY ATTENTION. I SAY ATTENTION !
[every body attention , Jay Sleeping} I say get up !

SACHIN : Ay ..Ay  get up get up . (in a very feeble voice)

VEERU :  Uth Jai,  Uth Jai!
MADAM ji: “Ye to aise so raha hai jaise Mere Bhaashaan se log so te hain ..”
MANNU : “Sahi kaha madamji” (and again put his finger back on his mouth)

RESHAMIA : (starts singing on the tune of "Samjho na Kuch to samjho na " )
“O Saathiya re , O Shahenshah re ,O Kaaliya Re,
Samjho na , Kuch to Samjho Na.
Ye jo  pal tum gaway , laut ke fir naa aye,
Yun jo Sota rah  jaye , yahi class tu  doh ray
Samjho na, kuch to samjho na…Samjho Na.Kuch tooooooo Samjho Na.”
Jay started snoring

Sachin : “Aai Laa ! Ye to form mein aa gaya”
Laloo : “Eee ab aise naahi baa uthega .. Jao Ek gilas bhaatar (water) lekar aao
Sachin brings and Lalloo splash the water on Jay’s face.

{ Jay wakes up with a jump ,looks here & there  & seeing jailor immediately stands in salute }
{ Jai standing in salute }
JAILOR(ASRANI )TURNS BACK : Adhey murga ban jao.{ every body see each other}  Adhey nikal jao. Baaki baith jao. {Everybody sits}

JAILOR : Everybody take out your Test Copy.  
JAY : “Humne to pahle hi nikaal rakhi hai”

{Everybody takes out and start writing}
JAILOR :-Write the scene of Assassination of Julius Caesar ! (and goes to sleep)

[NARRATOR:- Ye angrezo ke jamane ke teacher to Nidra mein chale gaye . Aaiye hum dekhe ki baki ke patra kya kar rahe hain .
Jay poori tayari se likh rahe hain, Reshamia ro-ro kar likh rahe hain,  Thakur apne muh me pen dabakar bahut teji se likh rahe hain, Laloo pata nahi likhne ke bajaye chakki kyun chalr rahe hain, Sidhu apni kursi par uchal uchal kar likh rahe hain , Rancho abhi apne Facebook mein Account hi bana rahe hain, Madamji Mannu ki copy mein jawab talash rahi hain , aur Sambha sabko dekh raha hai ]

 Suddenly Veeru gets up , takes out his shoes and shakes over his head and dozens of chits fall down from his shoe. He quickly searches the right piece , copies the whole answer and put them back. Sambha  takes  his mobile  phone  out and clicks everything and moves secretly towards JAILOR who was sleeping}

Sambha reaches to Jailors’ ear and  speak something )
JAILOR wakes up with Jerk : AAAAAAA ….. (First frightened ) Aaaaooooo…  (Acts like nothing happened and smiles Sambha whispers something in his ears )
JAILOR : Cheating..? Hamare class mein Cheating !(Sambha shows him the pic in  his mobile)
JAILOR: Purchiyaan…?  Humaare class  mein  Purchiyaan  !

HUMARE JASOOS CLASS KE KONE –KONE MAIN FAILE HUEN HAIN.  If anybody cheats ,he can’t escape.(MOVES to VEERU and give him a WHIP)
“HAMARA SHOW KISI BHI PRAKAR KI HINSA KO BADAWA NAHI DETA. YE MATRA MANORANJAN KE LIYE HAI” (Everybody looks here and there to know from where the voice was coming)
                        APNI AKAL PAR BHAROSA KAR , AUR CHAIN SE SO JAA “
Veeru : “I am sorry !”
JAILOR :  Okay !  Now Stop writing everybody. 
Jay : “Humne to pahle hi band kar di hai”

JAILOR Listens :Achaaaa ! Jara batao to Julius Caesar kaun tha (in very singing tone )

(Jay gets up, leans forward and put his one hand on his waist and starts)

Jay : “See …..Julius Caesar Rome ka MAHAAN SHAHENSHAH tha , SHAHENSHAH..aur Brutus uska DESH-PREMI dost tha. Magar unke is YAARANA ke beech mein Cassius ne CHUPKE- CHUPKE DEEWAR khadi kar di aur usko MAJBOOR kar diya ki wo apne dost ke seene mein TRISHOOL ghop de  so that wo khud Rome ka DON ban jaye..

(English version :Jay : “See …..Julius Caesar was a MAHAAN SHAHENSHAH of Rome , SHAHENSHAH..and Brutus was his DESH-PREMI friend.. But Cassius conspired against him CHUPKE CHUPKE and raised DEEWAR between their  YAARANA ... and made Brutus MAJBOOR and made him stab TRISHOOL to Caesar so that he himself becomes  DON of Rome..)

 Magar ye ho na saka..kyunki uske ek NAMAK HALAL sewak Antony ne kaha…” (then looks all around)
Sachin: “Usne kya kaha , batao na ?”
Jay : “Usne kaha”
Veeru : “Kya Jay Kya ?”
Jay : “He tells … MEN, ROMANS, COUNTRY MEN ruler ho to Caesar jaisa ho nahi to na ho !” (for a moment silence thenEVERYBODY CLAPS.)
Jailor :(Smiles ):-Good ! Reshamia … Tum batao..what were the last words of Caesar ”
Reshamia :”Music Please…(and starts singing on the tune  of Jhalak Dikhla jaa)
   Et tu Brutus ! Et tu Brutus !
 Aisa kyun kiya toone , kyun kiya toone , Broootus !
  (ek baar aaja aaja ,      aajaa aajaaa ,    aaaa jaaa)
Cassius par mujhko toh shaq tha ,
Magar  too to Brutus mera dost tha
 Cassius par mujhko shaq tha ,
But too to Brutus mera dost tha
Hai Maar Daala ! Kya kar Daala
Aisa kyun kiya toone , kyun kiya toone , Broootus !
(jailor starts dancing )
 Caesar must die , Caesar must die…Caesar must die , Caesar must die ..”
 (Every body wipe their tears )                    

Rancho: *Smiling*
JAILOR: Aap muskura kyu rahe ho?
Rancho: Bohot dino se Facebook me account banane ki ichha thi...aaj bana diya hai...bohot maza aa raha hai.
JAILOR: Zyada maza lene ki zarurat nai hai...Tell me what is a Post?
Rancho: Anything that is posted on Facebook is Post, Sir.
JAILOR: Can you please elaborate?
Rancho: bhi Facebook pe log daalte hai post hai sir...Ghumne ­­­­ daal diya! Post hai Sir. Match dekha score daal diya! Post hai Sir... Sir actually hum post se ghire hue hai sir! Ek second me comment, ek second me like!

Comment-Like...­ Comment-Like
JAILOR: Shut up! Account banake ye karoge? Comment-Like...­ Comment-Like...
Hey Mannu tum batao,
Mannu : Pictures, texts or videos posted through mobile or tablet or laptop or desktop via different operating system using internet on Facebook is called a Post...
JAILOR: Excellent!
Rancho- Sir main bhi to yahi keh raha tha (and sits with sad face)
Jailor : “LaLoo ! You tell me “3 advantages of NET ?”
Laloo : “NET has many advantages ;
NET hame Malaria se bacha ta hai
Subhe agar NET ka istemaal kare to  Dengue se bacha ta hai
Mosquito coil aur Vaporizer ke paise bhi bachata hai

Madamji “Oh No Laloo ji ! NET matlab Internet not Mosquito Net ! Ye ek aisa jaal hai jo hume poori duniya se jodta hai

Veeru : “Poori duniya se jodne wala net kya hame apno se bhi jodta hai  ? Kyunki APNE TO APNE HOTE HAIN”
 (Jailor moves back and turns towards audience : )
Jailor : Bilkul sahi kaha .,aaj hum duniya ke kisi bhi kone mein apna msg ek pal me bhej sakte hain , kisi se bhi baat kar sakte hain aur kisi ko bhi dekh sakte hain…aur shayad yahi wajah hai ki ab hamein kisi ki chitti ka intejaar nahi rahta ! Faasle to kam hue magar Dooriyan bad gayi .

Aaplog is par vichar kariye aur kahin mat jayiye kyunki shuru hone waali hai GABBAR KI CLASS.

(Jailor takes the copy and march past towards exit)


Teacher's Day Skit -Comedy (Gabbar Singh Ki Class) Part 3


(Curtain opens- Classroom scene)
Jai and Veeru dancing, Reshamia singing, Laloo eating tiffin , Sachin and Siddhu playing cricket , Madam ji gesturing Mannu to Sit , mannu sitting… Stand , mannu standing.. Rancho taking selfies with everybody , Thakur standing and looking at everybody ANGRILY (he is the monitor ) and Sambha sitting at the top of pile of chairs or any other tall object and looking outside )

(Suddenly sound of Horse tapping…}

SAMBHA ; GABBAR a gaya … GABBAR a gaya… Everybody runs back !

GABBAR:  ENTERS … with BELT in his hand.


GABBAR :   Haan Haan !  Good Morning . Goodmorning .Hain..@ Kya soch kar gaaye they. GABBAR Khusss hoga , toffiya dega kyun ! AKAL KE KACHCHO …AAJA MAAJI SATAKLI !
Aree ho Sambha! Bata to Zara ..Kitne sawaal main poocha karta tha rey har roz.. Hain Hain !
(SAMBHA thinking & Counting ) : Kitney Admi they.. Kya Soch ke Wapas Aa gaye.. Holi Kab hai.. “Sir ,Poore Pachaas Hazaar

GABBAR : “Haaan…50 -50 kos door jab koi bachcha rota hai to Maan keht hai so ja BETA so ja nahi to GABBAR aa jayega apne sawalo ke saath magar tum students mera naam  poora mitti mein millai diye. ”
 Say Sorry , Sorry Bol , Sorry Bol !

Everybody  :            Sorry Sir
GABBAR :    Ab theek hai , Haan ab thik hai ..

SIDDHU : “Oye Bahut khoob kaha ! Acha Guru wo nahi jo kewal kathin sawal pooche... balki wo hai jo kathin sawal hal bhi kare ! Thoko Taali "

GABBAR : Hainnn.. (facing audience) mann to karta hai , isi ko thonk daalu !@

Now  any question ..
LALU : “Can I ask you bun question sir ?”

LALU : “If suppose kariye ekha trainwa in Bihar is running at a speedwa of 50 km par haabaar (hour) , dhan (then) in how much timewa bheel (will)  it trabhel  from one stationwa to doosra stationwa bheech (which) is 25 km abhay ?”   
GABBAR  could n’t understand the question : “HAIN ..?”

MADAM JI : “He mean to say that if a train is running at 50km/h in how much time will it travel from one station to another which is 25 km away? (looking towards Lalu)My dear friend it is AWAY ....not ABHAAYYY !”
Mannu : “Sahi kaha madamji”
LALU : “Arey ! That is bhaat I am saying.. bheech is 25 km abhaaaaay ..“
GABBAR : “(Gabbar first thinks over the question , scratches his head, makes lot of confused face and then gives up the thinking )TUMNE SUNA ISNE KYA KAHA..SUNAA..! AB ISKA JAWAB DO !

 "main jawab doonga ..jarur doonga par jao sabse pehle uss aadmi se pooch jisne mere report card me likh diya " Not Promoted" , Us aadmi se poocho jisne mere ko ye DO -HEAD wala sikka diya, tab main tumhare har sawal ka jawab doonga.."
GABBAR :"Haainn…ab main unko kahan dhoondu?"
JAY : "To fir main nahi doonga jawaab "
Veeru :(gets up angrily) “Do Head wala sikka..Jay toone Dhoka diya … Maa Kasam , agar mujhe wo aadmi mil jaye jisne wo sikka diya to…(and turns toward Thakur . Thakur gives him angry look. Veeru sits down back in fear )”

GABBAR : "Mannu, tum batao iska jawab ? “

Mannu : “ Is jawab se jaida jaroori ye janna hai ki jo train chal rahi hai usme koyla kahan se aya hai ! Kahin is koyle ke peeche kisi maafiya ka haath to nahi hai . kyunki avaidh khanan ke karan humein uchit moolye nahi milta . aur vipaksh ye jaan le ki paise ped pe nahi lagte hai !”
GABBAR :- Gabbar : Agar paise ped pe lagte to sare Bandar Ferrari pe ghoomte ..ha ha haaaa !
(All laughs artificially at the bad joke )
Siddhu tum jawab do !
SIDDHU :-Nobody can tell my dear, nobody can tell ! unless we know how much coal is available , what's the weather report…the future is uncertain ,the past is permanent, it’s the present which is in our hand, present is the key and ..
GABBAR : (Jumps with anger) SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP ..Main Pagal ho jaunga ]
Reshamia , tum jawab dogey iska ?
RESHAMIA : “Dekhiye Laluji … aapka question acha hai..!Lekin aapko apne expressions par kaam karne ki jaroorat hai . Baaki main apne fans par chodta hoon. Vote for Lalooji !GABBAR: Bahut Yaarana lagta hain…..Sachin tum do iska jawab ..
SACHIN: Hey koi bhi train lagatar 50 kaise rakhegi ? Jab main ek match mein 50 banata tha to agle match mein jaldi out ho jata tha. Jab main best batsman hoke performance maintain nahi rakh pata to ek train  kaise rakh sakti hai ??
Gabbar :Iski saja milegi ….VEERU”
VEERU : “ Ek Train is dauding at 50km/h … Dauding ... Dauding ... Dauding..
            Station se gaddi jab chooth jaati hai to  1,2,3 ho jaati hai..  ”.    

THAKUR :- Veeeeeru...  Baith Jao !

( GABBAR sees Thakur for the first time)
GABBAR :  “Are Thakur, abhi tak par rahe ho (He thinks something and then smiles)
“Jisko jawab pata hai wo apna…wo apna.. hey hey HAATH UTHAAY..! Hey Hey HA HA ”
THAKUR : “GABBAR ,Tumhare sawal ka jawab dene ke liye mujhe haatho ki jaroorat nahi hai. Uske liye to mere pair hi kaafi hai ( and raises his foot UP sitting on the chair )

GABBAR(becomes disappointed) : “OK Thakur , jawab do  !”
THAKUR : “The train is moving at 50 km per hour. Therefore to travel 50 km it needs 60 min. Hence to travel 25 km it needs 25 by 50 into 60 that is 30 min.”

GABBAR (surprized by Thakur's intelligence):  “Yeh Dimag mujhe de de Thakur”
GABBAR:  “Yeh Dimag mujhe de de Thakur”
GABBAR:  “Yeh Dimag mujhe de de Thakur”

LALU : “ARE DHUT , dimaag ka kya karoge jab salution hi wraang hai; the answer is 50 min”
SAMBHA : “Jara samjhaiye  !”
LALU : “Dekhiye , humare  Bihaaar mein , DO STATION KE BEECH MEIN BHI 2 BAAR GAADI 10- 10 min ke liye RUKTI HAI”
(All hold their head)
RANCHO  : “Thakur saab ! main aapko ek idea doon ?”
Thakur : Kya ?
Rancho : apne is dimaag ko …..OLX Mein BECH De !
Thakur : Veeru ..
(Veeru gets up and walks slowly towards Rancho, clenching his fist . 
Rancho (sensing the trouble) –“All is Well, All is Well . “ 
suddenly starts shouting "Narrator ji bachao". The narrator comes running to his rescue .”THEHRO ! Hamara play kisi bhi prakar ka Hinsa ko badawa nahi deta. Chalo wapas !” and returns back
GABBAR : "Bahut ho gaya sawal – jawab. Ab baari hai Homework ki .."
(Everybody looks at each other)
GABBAR: Sachin you collect the copies
Sachin: Main kaise karoon. Mere haatho mein to Tennis Elbow ki problem hai. Isliye mere physio ne bhaari saaman uthane ko mana kiya hai"
GABBAR:  “Koi Baat nahi Koi Baat nahi  bring your bat & ball , lets play cricket”
(Sachin comes happily)
Gabbar catch hold of Sachin and rotates him vigourously
Sachin : “Ailla ! Ailla ….” And runs back to his seat

Thakur : May I collect it …(looking towards his hands) Mujhe koi Tennis Elbow ki problem nahi hai.

Teacher's Day Skit -Comedy (Gabbar Singh Ki Class) Part 4

Teacher's Day Skit -Comedy (Gabbar Singh Ki Class) Part 4

Gabbar  stares at him ..
GABBAR : Tum Copy collect karogey ? Achaa  ! Hey Hey ..karo ..

(Thakur moves towards Veeru ,Veeru is shaking with fear, Thakur bends down, Veeru keep the copy on Thakur’s back, then to Jay, Laloo calls “aah .. aah… “ Thakur looks angrily .Laloo keeps the copy and says “Ja Ja”, Sambha jumps and keep the copy in such a way that Thakur almost pushed down Thakur looks angrily, moves to Reshamia, to Siddhu “
Siddhu : “Arey yeh to who baat ho gayi ..”
(Thakur stares, Siddhu :- Koi  baat nahi hui jee 

"Wah Thakur , yeh peeth nahi , chalta phirta tabul hai.. Yeh tabul mujhe de de…"

GABBAR : "This time I was just joking..He  He.."

GABBAR : "Now I will call Sachin, Laloo and Veeru u too"
VEERU : "U too .. but we are three .."
SACHIN: “(Happily)Are you giving something ? ”
GABBAR : “Yes , Punishment ! HaHa Ha”

VEERU :  Punishment … kyun  Punishment..?
Gabbar : Kyunki tum cupboard se toffiyan churate ho…Sambha ko maarte ho..aur Cheating bhi karte ho .. AAA thooo !
Veeru : But how do you know all these ?
Gabbar : Wo dekho ..(and points at the top) CCTV Camera ..  UPAR WALA SAB DEKHTA HAI ...Haha Haha
Veeru : Maa kasam…if I get the person who made the Camera …
Thakur : Veeeru..
Lalloo :Par Hamu ka kiye ?
Gabbar : Tum se Net pucho to Mosquito Net bolte ho … Aaa Thoo . Tumhe kabhi Naukri nahi mil sakti ..
Lalloo : Arey , mujhe to naukri mil bhi gayi hai..EEe dekho Bill Gates ki chitti..
Gabbar : “Hayinnn.. Angreji mein likha hai. Kaun padega ise ?”
Mannu : Madamji
Madamji“Dear Mr. Laloo Prasad,
You do not meet our requirements. Please do not send any further correspondence. No phone call shall be entertained.
Bill Gates.

Sachin : “Aai Laaa ! Ye to Dressing Room mein hi Out ho gaya”

Lalloo :Are hum samjhate hain..
Dear Mr. Laloo Prasad    Pyare Laloo prasad bhaiyya
You do not meet            aap to miltay hee naheen ho
our requirement            humko to zaroorat hai
Please do not send any furthur correspondance       ab Letter vetter bhejne ka kaouno zaroorat nahee No phone call       phoonwa ka bhee zaroorat nahee hai
 shall be entertained        bahut khaatir kee jayegi 
Thanks                           apkaa bahut bahut dhanyavad 
Bill Gates                     Tohar Bilva

GABBAR: “Iski saza milegi..baraabar milegi !
Veeru : Koun si saja ?
GABBAR: I will give you, I will give you PUCHHY..
Everybody starts feeling happy
SAMBHA : Jaida khush mat ho.. Pehle bhi jab hum log achaa daaka maar ke aate they to yeh khush hokar hum logo ko aisa puchhy deta tha kee hum log 2 din tak behosh rahte they.. Achcha khasa business chaupat ho gaya.. Bhooke marne ki naubat aa gayi to khudh hi police ko phone kar diya…Gabbar to wahan bhi question pooch pooch kar Teacher ban gaya, lekin humlog..

Sachin :-No don't give puchhy..beat us.. kick us.. Make us Murga..Dont give Pucchy..
GABBAR : “You three come here. Now you will play Musical Chair .JO Haar gaya, samjho mar gaya! Par pehle hum jara kursi ghumai dete hain “
(GABBAR ROTATES and Reshamia singing  “Jara Ghoom Ghoom Jara Ghoom Ghoom “)
Haan , ab theek hai..ab theek hai. Ab ispar kaun bathega aur kaun nahi ..mujhe kuch nahi pata, KUCH NAHI PATA
(“Yes , now it is OK, Yes now it is OK , now who will sit here who will not I don’t know anything , I don’t know anything”)
Now Start (Each starts to run  around the chair”)  RESHAMIA SING"
Reshamia : "Seat pe aaaja  Seat pe aaja .. Jaldi se aja aja aja aja aaaaaa ja "
Sachin sits : and returns back happily “are Mai bach gaya rey” Reshamia crying & Laloo panting
Gabbar : “Yeh Bachgaya. Now again Start …………………………………………………………………..Stop : ”
Reshamia :                  (sings in the tune of Aashiq banaya)
"kursi ghumaya kursi ghumaya kursi ghumaya aaapne , 
sachin ko bin daudaya, 
ho veeru ko bhi dauraya,
 Laloo ko bhi daudaya aapne "
Veeru sits , Laloo is more puffed:
Gabbar :”Yeh bhi bachgaya”
“Now what will happen to you Lalooji ?”
Laloo (tiredly)“Sir, I hab asked you question of 50 km per hawar “
Gabbar : “Now you also run at 50 km/hr. Start :”(Laloo again runs alone )Stop !”
Laloo sits immediately
Gabbar : “Arey yeh bhi bach gaya. Kamaal hogaya . Teeno Bach gaye..teeno bach gaye.. TEACHERS DAY KAB HAI, KAB HAI... TEACHERS DAY
Siddhu : “Arey Guru ,Today is only TEACHERS DAY. Yeh to wohi baat ho gayi .. today is Teacher's day and asking when is Teacher's day”
Gabbar : “Arey call every body , let’s sing song for our parents and Teachers
(All stand in group and sings at the tune of YEH DOSTI HUM NAHI CHODHENGE ..)






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